Prepare Your Manuscript

My apologies to Mac users. These guides are based on the Word for Windows environment. Although many features are identical, the exact method of carrying out a command may vary in Word for Mac. If you’re unsure how to do something on your version of Word, you should be able to find out by googling or consulting a YouTube video.

Protect Your Work

Before you start messing round with your precious manuscript, make sure you safeguard an untouched version. That way, if things go drastically wrong, you won’t have to read your book in upside-down, multi-coloured text for all eternity.

Open your book in Word and select File -> Save As. In Word 2007 File was temporarily replaced by the Office button so, in that case, select Office Button -> Save As. Choose Word Document as the format and under File Name type My book to format.

If you return to your Documents folder, you’ll see you’ve got two files: the original and My book to format. Always work on the latter.

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