Falling Through the World

falling_through_the_world_600x860pxBehind the tightly drawn curtains of an ordinary house, something strange is happening to Sarah – something she knows simply cannot be. Her body is turning against her, the world she knows falling apart. It seems nobody can help. The doctor’s confused, her parents argue constantly and her boyfriend, Dan, looks on bewildered. Even outspoken Ali, her closest friend, seems powerless against the force of events.

Buffeted by ignorance and conflicting advice from the very people who should be helping her, Sarah trawls through her unravelling life, searching for the moment where it all went wrong. 

But can she put the pieces of her world back together again, before it’s too late?

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Praise for Falling Through the World

Honest, genuine and beautiful! Momentary Solutions

Pathos and humour Brigit’s Quill Publications

A gripping, emotional story with fantastic characters and a great plot Total Teen Fiction

…beautifully detailed and brimming with feeling MyFeatherQuill

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