squirrel-304021_12801When I set out to publish my first novel, Falling Through the World, my head buzzed with questions. What was involved? Where should I start? How much would it cost and most basic of all: could I really just go ahead and publish a book from my sofa?

There’s no shortage of information out there. However, sifting through it can be Herculean task. Each article, book or blog post merely highlighted fresh areas I didn’t understand and left me with even more questions.  I learnt, rather too late, how to write the perfect novel. I discovered reams of information on individual services but had no way of knowing which would suit me. I even waded through a 300 page book whose sole purpose was to inform me how brilliantly witty the author and all his previously published works were.

I needed an idiot’s guide, something that wouldn’t expect me to already know the terminology and processes involved but would, instead, lead me through it, step by step.

This blog attempts to do just that. I’ll take the reader through the basic stages involved in publishing: Editing, Typesetting (internal layout), Cover Design, Printing, Distribution, eBook production and Marketing.  At each stage, I’ll outline the options available, whether it’s possible to do the work yourself or if you need to hire a professional. I’ll also give an idea of approximate cost and timescale and wherever possible, links to reputable companies that provide the service in question.

In time, I’ll also provide step-by-step instructionals on how to use Word to design the internal layout of your print and eBook as well as suggestions for producing a few marketing materials.

More than anything, I hope to demystify the process and encourage anyone with a manuscript hidden away in a drawer that self-publishing is a viable and rewarding option.


Next time: The Stages of Editing


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